Warehouse Shipping Order

EDI Document 940

graphic showing raw EDI data for EDI 997, EDI 850, and EDI 852 transactions

What is an warehouse shipping order?

The EDI 940 document is used to tell a remote warehouse to ship an order and includes information about the destination of the shipment. Mostly used by a supplier to authorize a third party warehouse (3PL) to make a shipment to a buyer, such as a chain store retailer.

The data elements included in an EDI 940:

  • Supplier information
  • Required delivery date
  • Item numbers, descriptions and quantities
  • Ship-to location
  • Shipper stipulations

Document flow when using EDI 940:

The warehouse will respond to the shipping order with a 997 Functional Acknowledgment to indicate that the order was received. Before or as the order is shipped, the warehouse will send 945 Shipment Advice back to the supplier. The supplier will use the 945 to then send an 856 Advance Shipping Notice, and later, an 810 Invoice to the buyer company.


The 940 Warehouse Shipping Order data can be produced from 850 Purchase Order information that was received from a buyer or from the supplier’s sales order. If necessary, the 940 can also be used to change or cancel an order.

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