Functional Acknowledgment

EDI Document 997

graphic showing raw EDI data for EDI 997, EDI 850, and EDI 852 transactions

What is a functional acknowledgment (FA)?

The purpose of a functional acknowledgment (EDI 997) serves as a response, or electronic receipt, between EDI transactions. After an 850 PO document has been sent to the trading partner, the EDI 997 will serve as an acceptance, acceptance with issues or rejection notification. This document gives transparency to the order fulfillment process, allowing buyers and vendors to address issues in a timely manner.

Benefits of EDI 997

By using the 997 Functional Acknowledgment in a timely manner allows both the retailer and supplier to keep the order processing efficiently. Retailers gain valuable insights if the document is late (inbound or outbound) or was accepted with errors. Some of the benefits include:

  • Early involvement to resolving problems
  • Ample time to investigate possible system issues
  • Time and money saved due to improved order accuracy

Reasons a functional acknowledgment may be rejected.

  • Contains invalid data
  • Missing mandatory data
  • Violates character length requirements

The key data elements included in the functional acknowledgment.

AK1 – Group Acknowledgment (Refers to GS segment)

AK2 – Document Acknowledgment (Refers to ST segment)

AK3 – Reports Errors in a specific segment

01: Segment in Error
02: Line in error from ST

AK4 – Reports Errors in specific element

01: Lists the Element in error
02: Lists the ID in EDI dictionary of the element
03: Code giving a general reason for the error

  • 1: Mandatory data element missing
  • 2: Conditional data element missing
  • 3: Too many data elements
  • 4: Data element too short
  • 5: Data element too long
  • 6: Invalid character in data element
  • 7: Invalid code value
  • 8: Invalid date
  • 9: Invalid time
  • 10: Exclusion condition violated

04: Shows the bad data

AK5 – Type of acknowledgment

01: Lists the Acknowledgment Status

  • A: Accepted
  • E: Accepted with Errors noted
  • M: Rejected; message authentication
  • P: Partially accepted
  • R: Rejected
  • W: Rejected
  • X: Rejected

02: Transaction set syntax Error Code

  • 1: Transaction set not supported
  • 2: Transaction set trailer missing
  • 3: Transaction control #’s don’t match
  • 4: Number of segments don’t match count
  • 5: One or more segments in error
  • 6: Missing transaction set identifier
  • 7: Missing or invalid transaction set control #
  • 16: Syntax Error
  • 23: Transaction set control # not unique

AK9 – Group Response

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