EDI 895 - Delivery/Return Acknowledgment

EDI 895 is used to confirm or modify the contents received in a direct-to-store order and is sent in companion with the Delivery/ Return Base Record (EDI 894). The delivery status is complete when the store employee confirms the products of the shipment have been placed on shelves or in the back room.

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Benefits of using an EDI 895 Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment

Exact replenishment numbers in the DSD environment are unknown until the driver arrives at the store and assesses the shelves and backroom quantities. Suppliers and retailers of food, beverage and consumable products rely on the DSD model for timely and accurate deliveries. Buyers or sellers can recognize the following benefits by using the contents of an EDI Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment:


Electronic signatures within the EDI 895 quickly close-outs DSD deliveries.


In-store personnel validate delivery details to avoid errors and ensure shelves are well-stocked.


DSD systems receive updated order details that are easy to reconcile and approve for payment.


The onsite assessment of purchases and expired products determines a correct tally of the items delivered to the store. This may differ from the original order.

The key data elements included in a delivery/return acknowledgment or adjustment:


Purchase order and invoice numbers for billing accuracy


Digital signatures to verify the EDI 895 as a record of delivery


Line item totals, flagged if quantities differ the original order


Financial and pricing details including pre-pricing, discounts and allowances

Common issues regarding EDI 895

Returns and Restocking Quantities

Was the original order correct? Were additional cases needed? Did the store return expired products?

In-Store Validation Issues

Did the store manager agree to accept all products left in the backroom? Did they refuse any items or have shelving changes?

Ready for Billing

Do the quantities and prices on the invoice match the delivered items? Is the invoice accurate and ready for payment?

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