EDI 889 - Promotion Announcement

EDI 889 is used to communicate the details or changes of a promotion. The Promotion Announcement informs buyers of effective dates, special terms, conditions, and qualifying products.

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Benefits of using an EDI 889 Promotion Announcement

The EDI 889 provides an efficient way for sellers (or brokers) to make buyers aware of available promotion information, including effective dates, special terms (if any), performance conditions, allowance amounts and qualifying products. Sellers and brokers may also use the EDI 889 during the planning process to correlate specific promotions for allocated marketing funds.

Suppliers send Promotion Announcements to keep their trading partners up-to-date on any changes to the original promotion or deal or covey new options available. Suppliers benefit by using the EDI 889 to:


Announce sales promotions


Confirm the acceptance of a promotion by a seller


Communicate price reductions to the buyer


Convey time-sensitive data related to promotions, deals and allowance

The key data elements included in an EDI 889 are:


Effective dates




Special terms information (if any)


Performance conditions and requirements


Allowance amounts


Qualifying items

Common issues regarding EDI 889

Communicating the latest details or cancellation of promotion information is key to the trading relationship. Timely and traceable updates are needed. Buyers and sellers rely on this information and, if not in sync, promotions will not reap results and/or bring about friction between trading partners.

Promotion Changes

Was the data change of the promotion conveyed adequately to the retailer? Did the conversation on this topic get documented correctly?

Promotion Cancellations

How will a retailer know the previously communicated allowance is no longer available?

Announce New Options

Does the retailer know about the latest promotion options?

Automate 889 Promotion Announcement with Full-Service EDI

Using an EDI 889 to automate the exchange of promotion information takes the guesswork out of the process and delivers a systemic announcement of sales promotions to all parties. Instead of submitting deal or allowance changes to a buyer via phone or email, the EDI 889 ensures timely and traceable communication.

Our experts are always available to address any EDI questions or needs. We are here to make sure promotion announcements and changes flow seamlessly to trading partners.

Our full-service commitment gives sellers the freedom to focus on other areas of the business. Every day, our teams watch the EDI data flow, troubleshoot any issues and manage every step. If something changes, we make any adjustments needed.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment proactively automates EDI and other data transactions. With SPS overseeing your EDI operations, communicating your promotions just became a lot easier? Interested in learning more?

Automatically communicate promotion changes with buyers.

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