EDI 861 - Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate

EDI 861 is sent between a logistics provider and a buyer to indicate the arrival of an order and if there are any damages to the order. Used to show that a shipment has been accepted, a buyer can also use the Receiving Advice/ Acceptance Certificate to determine patterns of late, missing, or damaged shipments if they continually receive damaged or partial orders.

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Benefits of using an EDI 861 Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate

Both retailers and suppliers gain benefits from using the EDI 861 that relate to transaction accuracy as part of material handling as it provides the necessary reference details needed for confirming the movement of materials to all parties. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to:


Improved overall inventory accuracy


Ability to fix inventory errors more efficiently


Ability to identify potential fraud


Ability to identify/fix errors that could affect buyer/vendor relationship


Reduction of manual processes in addressing consumer returns

Key data elements included in a Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate:


Return delivery confirmation and conditions detail


Notification that addresses whether all or part of a shipment was received or not received


Verification of what was shipped versus received


Verification of whether any items were damaged in transit

Common issues regarding EDI 861

Human errors or missing information fields

Are you encountering incomplete data that prevents or delays the quotation process from moving forward?

Lack of timely response

Are you seeing delays in the EDI 861Functional Acknowledgment sent back from the retailer/buyer to the supplier, slowing the process?

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