Assortment item data management solution from SPS Commerce [VIDEO]

by | Dec 6, 2017

Today’s consumers have incredibly high expectations for product descriptions. The details needed to satisfy their demands require a robust item data management solution.

The SPS Commerce cloud-based Assortment solution is designed precisely for today’s consumer experience. Assortment enables close collaboration between retailers and vendors, provides a single online view to manage thousands of SKUs and delivers end-to-end visibility.

“Doing it the old-fashioned way of gathering the information about the product and then entering it into our systems is very time consuming. Now we don’t have to have somebody keying it in. That allows us to bring that product online quicker.” Stephen Chase, IT Director of Applications Development, Brookstone.

Item data management made easy

This product video explains and visually exhibits the Assortment Solutions tangible benefits through better item data management for vendors and retailers. Watch to learn how the SPS Commerce Assortment Solution can help your business.

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Ready to experience infinite retail power?

Ready to experience infinite retail power?

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Sara Duane

Sara Duane

Content Marketing Manager at SPS Commerce
Sara Duane is a content expert for the SPS Commerce marketing team. She provides valuable articles and important information about e-commerce, merchandising strategies, order fulfillment and other topics related to retail supply chain optimization.
Sara Duane



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