The Customer Experience Playbook

The Customer Experience Playbook

Create the experience consumers expect with better item data

Item data from trading partners is critical to nearly every business system

Why do buying organisations need item better data from trading partners? Inaccurate and missing item data has a variety of negative impacts on customer experience. Getting more complete item data in a more efficient way represents a multi-million impact for many buying organisations.

The Customer Experience Playbook

What are the challenges of executing a data exchange program yourself?

Often, buying organisations underestimate the amount of time and resources required for getting data from trading partners. For example, it can take 10-12 communications per trading partner to set up trading partners on requirements.

How does leveraging a service provider help?

A full-service team includes experts to plan the supply chain initiative, a team dedicated to vendor outreach, as well as technology experts that enable automated data exchange.

What results can buying companies achieve?

With the right data from trading partners, buying organisations can let an automated system do the heavy lifting and manage invoice reconciliation by exception. This results in a million-dollar impact for many businesses.

“The old fashioned way of gathering the information about the product and then entering it into our systems is very time consuming. Now we don’t have somebody keying it in. That allows us to bring that product online quicker.”

– Stephen Chase, IT Director of Application Development, Brookstone

Creating a great customer experience is more challenging than ever before.

Inaccurate and missing item data has a variety of negative impacts on customer experience, including issues with omnichannel purchases and returns.

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