Payment Order / Remittance Advice

EDI Document 820

graphic showing raw EDI data for EDI 997, EDI 850, and EDI 852 transactions

What is an payment order/remittance advice?

An EDI 820 is an electronic document that can be used to initiate payments and send remittance information. This document provides suppliers with the ability to reconcile which invoices have been paid in full for any given payment.

The data elements included in an EDI 820:

  • Trading partner identification
  • Invoice payment information
  • Banking & account identification
  • Invoice adjustments
  • Payment amount

Document flow when using EDI 820:

A trading partner will send an 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice to a supplier after an 810 Invoice is received, especially in the case of an Electronic Funds Transfer.


The benefit of automating the EDI 820 reduces issues caused by manually sending an email or fax.

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