Analytics Solutions for Retailers.

Amplify selling power with cloud-based analytics. Exceed customer expectations with optimised inventory and delivery.

Why you need retail analytics:

With rising customer expectations and fierce competition around the corner, it’s imperative to use data to make smarter selling decisions with your trading partners.

By having a solution that connect all your sales, inventory and supply chain data with best practice analytics, it makes it effortless to make nimble decisions with your vendors that align with consumer’s constantly changing demands. With a wide selection of SPS Analytics solutions, we help retailers address an expansive range of business problems.

Visibility into all sales channels

We can offer your organisation a single version of the truth across all sales channels. Our best in class dashboards and reports contain various insights into department, category, geography and vendor specific performance areas. This unlocks greater visibility into:

Health of organisation

Year over year performance

Track actuals vs. plans

Optimised category management.

Meet all your supply and inventory needs by managing your product categories through a 360-degree view of your business.

Pre-season planning

Make fact based recommendations for the upcoming season based on a wealth of knowledge from categories, product, store and postcode level analysis.

In-season adjustments

Stay on top of your seasonal product performance at the local postcode and store level by using our analytics to help with planning, allocation and in-season adjustments.

Planogram productivity

Analyse which planograms are performing best (space to sales/profit/movement) and identify accurate space allocation by category and merchandising segment.

Assortment mix

Determine the appropriate SKUs for each category sub-segment to optimise the vast assortment that will grow your business.


Generate a high turning core replenishment business by leveraging historical trend information about your top selling products.

Category management consulting

Get insights that will help you understand the performance of your categories.

Review organisational structure, process and technology


Automated insights and callouts for identification of opportunities

Insightful, fact-based and actionable category recommendations

Planogram services

What is the correct assortment for each category? What is the best way to determine which products gain distribution? How do I communicate the plan to stores? Our solutions help provide the answers.

Planogram creation

• Proven track record in developing, streamlining and integrating best practices

• Highly experienced planogram services team

Planogram process

• We develop process controls to ensure greater compliance and execution

• Replace time-consuming manual processes with simple click automation

Analytics built for a new era of consumer-first retail.

Develop the plans you need to succeed with strategic insights and collaboration tools.

Better vendor collaboration

Work more collaboratively with your vendors with a shared understanding of your goals, business and actionable opportunities. Our analytics solution offers a standardised way of measuring business objectives, driving joint decision-making.

Real-time fulfilment visibility

Make better operational decisions with access to a deeper understanding of your vendors’ fulfilment. This view enables you to identify issues before they impact your business and increase efficiencies by changing open-to-buy and react to changes in order status.

Drive partner data compliance

Understand partner ongoing data compliance issues related to order fulfilment and supply chain data. Continuously monitor and enable trending analysis of partners and their adherence to your requirements.

Gain insights thru syndicated market reporting

Discover key insights into your market and consumer leveraging syndicated data sources to understand key account performance, growth and development opportunities of categories and segments, assortment, pricing, promotion performance and causals.

Understand customer transactions & loyalty

Identify customers and their purchasing decisions to help build marketing plans that focus on the category, brands and the shopper type that will drive the most traffic into the store. With deeper insights into your most important SKUs, you can improve your business based on customer segments, stock availability and optimal pricing.

Drive operational & store performance

Gain a comprehensive understanding of which stores are not selling your most important items and proactively create geographical product assortments based on factual insights gathered from regional analysis.

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