Retail KPIs and dashboards – an overview

Identify trends, spot opportunities and adjust assortments to maximize sales and close gaps with SPS Analytics. You’ll save time with our intuitive, tailored dashboards that provide easy access to your most important KPIs, enabling data-driven insights, informed decision-making and better retailer relationships.

What are retail KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in retail are quantifiable, clearly outlined metrics that measure the performance of a business. Many KPIs are needed to thoroughly evaluate operational efficiency and identify any weaknesses, and to understand consumer trends, inventory levels and sales performance.

Retail KPI examples

Retail KPIs are integral to the success of a brand. Without them, it’s almost impossible for brands to gauge whether their efforts are fruitful, or to act on weaknesses to drive efficiency.

Below are some of the most effective KPIs to improve retail performance:

Help dashboards that allow you to dive deep into your retail data.
  • Retail Sales ($) – gives insight into overall performance and can be compared with previous seasons
  • Gross Margin – calculates how much profit is generated on a specific item
  • Sell-Through % – refers to the percentage of inventory sold by the retailer compared to the amount of inventory on hand
  • Sales Lift % – indicates if the product is seeing a sales acceleration or decline over the last few weeks
  • Store Rank – measures the top retailer and stores driving your business
  • Average Sales Units/Store – identifies which SKUs are driving sales
  • Avg Discount % – indicates how promotions or markdowns are impacting sales
  • Weeks of Supply (WOS) – calculates the remaining weeks of inventory and is a good indicator of sufficient or insufficient inventory levels for any given retailer
  • Units On Order (OO) – provides visibility into any items that are included in pending purchase orders

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Retail sales KPI dashboards

SPS Analytics draws all data into a single intuitive platform. Dashboards display an overview of performance across all departments, partners and sales and inventory metrics. This enables quicker decision-making and provides an easy way to track and compare performance.

Retail KPI Dashboard - Business Overview
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Business overview

See a high-level snapshot of sales performance across all your retailers and easily compare data. Get quick insights to identify top products and stores year over year (YoY).

Retail KPI Dashboard - Inventory Analysis
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Inventory analysis

View inventory levels by product and store location. Understand where you may need to adjust your plan to minimize out of stock risks and alleviate potential overstocks.

Retail KPI Dashboard - Product Performance
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Product performance

Drill down by product to understand the rate of sales growth (or decline) for each product and region. You can also compare your assortment side-by-side across your retailers to identify future opportunities.

Retail KPI Dashboard - Assortment Productivity
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Assortment productivity

Understand the performance of your assortment by retailer and sales channel to optimize your product mix. Make data-driven decisions to expand your assortment strategically.

Retail KPI Dashboard - Size Analysis
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Size analysis

Understand size-based demand to identify trends and optimization opportunities by retailer and by region.

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