EDI 997 - Functional Acknowledgement

What is EDI 997? The EDI 997 acts as a digital receipt for delivery information. Trading partners can then confirm that they received the delivery information, as well as see if there were any data or formatting errors. This acts as a response to tell supply chain partners that information has been seen and accepted.

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EDI 997 Format

An EDI 997 message is like a digital thumbs-up. It’s sent between companies to confirm that a message was received correctly, and it’s usually short. This message is made up of different parts, including the message header and an acknowledgement that connects back to the original message.

Visualization of EDI 997 Format

An EDI 997 message provides:


AK1 – Group acknowledgment (refers to GS segment)

AK2 – Document acknowledgment (refers to ST segment)
AK3 – Reports errors in a specific segment
AK4 – Reports errors in specific element
AK5 – Type of acknowledgment
AK9 – Group response

How is the EDI 997 used?

The EDI 997 ensures that when computers swap documents, everything goes smoothly. It provides confirmation that the message was received, and the data transmission can proceed.

Here’s what it does:

Receipt confirmation
This is like getting a text that says, “Yep, I got your message.” It tells the sender that their trading partner request was successfully picked up by the receiver.
Syntax check
This part checks to see if the message is written correctly and follows all the rules. If something’s out of place, the EDI 997 will flag it.
Error reporting
If there’s an issue in the message, the EDI 997 will point it out so the sender can fix it and try again.
Audit trail
The audit trail keeps track of all the messages sent and received. This way the conversation history between companies is always recorded.
Automated processing
Many company systems can handle these EDI 997 messages by themselves, which means less work for employees.

Benefits of using the EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement

Acknowledging EDI transactions in a timely manner allows all trading partners to improve order processing efficiency. In addition, retailers gain valuable insights if a document is late (inbound or outbound) or has errors. Additional benefits of the EDI 997 include:


Ample time to investigate possible system issues


Time and money saved due to improved order accuracy


Early identification of potential problems so they can be resolved

Common issues regarding EDI 997

Errors in the EDI 997 typically arise from not adhering to trading partner specifications or EDI standards. A Functional Acknowledgement may be rejected for several reasons, including:

Violates character length requirements

Mismatched control counters or data types

Missing mandatory data, such as segments or elements

Contains invalid data, such as invalid characters, codes, conditions or qualifiers

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