EDI 869 - Order Status Inquiry

Buyers send the EDI 869 to suppliers to check on information about an order. Buyers use this to confirm details about orders or items within orders, as well as ask for additional shipping details to better prepare their warehouse for receiving.

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Benefits of using an EDI 869 Order Status Inquiry

In the order process, buyers may want to confirm the details of an order or need more specifics. Using the EDI 869 is the most common way to request this information from their supplier. The EDI order status inquiry transaction provides the reference details to identify the order and infinite text to explain the inquiry.

The EDI 869 secures additional details needed for receiving. By securing this information in advance, receiving, distribution center staff can prepare and make any warehousing changes before the shipment arrives.

Buyers benefit by using the contents of an EDI Order Status Inquiry for:


Secure advance notice of receiving requirements


Confirm an order or items within an order


Reduce phone calls or emails checking on orders


Enable decision-making

The key data elements included in a delivery/return acknowledgment or adjustment:


Vendor number


Purchase order number


Items within a purchase order


Explanation of order inquiry

Common issues regarding EDI 869

Receiving Readiness

Is the warehouse equipped to receive the order? Is ample space or refrigeration available?

Order Confirmation

Is order fulfillment on schedule? Any changes to items, quantities, or dates?

Warehouse Decisions

Do warehouse staff need to make any decisions before shipment? Can they proactively address changes?

Automate 869 EDI Order Status Inquiry with Full-Service EDI

When buyers have questions about their orders, they can either pick up the phone, email, chat or send an EDI 869 Order Status Inquiry. The automated approach from SPS Commerce uses EDI to share details easily and completely with their suppliers.

SPS Commerce is a full-service provider. This means that we have the reliable EDI software and staff to manage the daily EDI operations with suppliers, making the EDI 869 easy to send and secure the information requested. We set it up on your behalf.

Full-service means that we don’t simply monitor your EDI flow; we manage every step from setup to testing with your suppliers, ensuring compliance and support. And, if you want anything changed, SPS will make sure your suppliers are in compliance with the new requirement, not you.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment proactively monitors and optimizes your EDI and other data transactions, such as APIs, to make your days more efficient and give you time to take on new initiatives. Interested in learning more?

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