Learn more about how retail supply chain solutions from SPS Commerce help trading partners stay connected.

Get the latest updates on our response to COVID-19.

Our retail supply chain solutions can help you stay connected with your trading partners, even in times of disruption. We’re taking steps to ensure the safety of our community, including employees, customers and partners.

Customer FAQ

Will there be any disruptions to my service from SPS Commerce?
SPS Commerce has already transitioned to a global remote working model without disruption. Our operations teams are very experienced with providing 24x7x365 monitoring and service. We will continue to deploy the best practices already in place to manage infrastructure performance.
Will there be any changes to how I work with support or other contacts at SPS Commerce?
Please continue to work with SPS through the usual channels. Global and remote collaboration has been a successful practice at SPS for many years. We are well-prepared to continue providing the customer-focused service you expect from SPS Commerce.
How will SPS Commerce respond to constantly changing circumstances?
Our leadership team is closely monitoring the situation and will ensure compliance with all government regulations and guidelines related to the containment of COVID-19. Our actions to-date have already proven our ability to seamlessly transition our business operations to a remote working environment without disruption.
Does SPS Commerce have a business continuity plan?
Our retail network is cloud-native and supported by talented staff across multiple global locations, all working to deliver uninterrupted service to support your business. A summary of our business continuity plan can be found here.
WHO SHOULD I ASK IF I HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT SPS COMMERCE’S preparations and scale to support my business?
Please work with your sales representative or account manager and they will make sure you have the information you need.

How can our retail supply chain solutions support your business?

The SPS team is committed to helping you manage your trading partner relationships without disruption while your business adapts to industry changes.

Expand drop-shipping and e-commerce

Grow your e-commerce and drop-shipping relationships to accommodate consumer demand for home delivery.

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Add a trading partner

Many retailers and distributors are looking for secondary suppliers to meet consumer needs.

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Keep up with increased order volume

Certain consumer goods are in high demand. Keep pace with consumer expectations by leveraging automation.

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Gain visibility into inventory and sales

Understand your inventory position and sell-through across all your retailers’ locations so you can balance inventory levels and avoid stockouts.

Need visibility into what is selling?

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Need additional content?

Additional information around our solutions can be found at SPS Commerce Blog.