Retail analytics solutions for suppliers and brands.

Optimize your product performance across all sales channels. Get access to the industry’s largest network of data-sharing retailers.

Why you need supply chain analytics:

Being nimble and having instant access to changes in the market is a critical success factor for suppliers that want to compete in this dynamic retail market.

Having visibility into your wholesale, distributor, online and direct-to-consumer businesses is essential to success in retail. What if there was a way to collect all your disparate data sources (POS, Sell-through, Big Data, Inventor, etc.) and put it into a consistent, cloud-based format that spits out the insights you need and care about?

Cross channel and partner visibility.

Let our analytics platform be your organizations single version of the truth across all sales channels including wholesale, online and direct to consumer. Our best in class dashboards and reports contain various insights that allow you to identify business trends across key retailers, geographies and product segments. This unlocks greater visibility into:

Health of organization

Year over year performance

Track actuals vs. plans

Category management & reviews.

Manage your product categories through a 360-degree view of your business, allowing you to meet all your supply and inventory needs.

Pre-season planning

Make fact based recommendations for the upcoming season based on historical knowledge from categories, products, store and zip code level analysis.

Assortment mix

Determine the appropriate SKU’s for each category sub-segment to enhance the vast assortment that will grow your business.

In-season adjustments

For seasonal products, it’s essential to be nimble once the season has commenced. Using SPS Analytics, your sales and operations teams will be able to stay on-top of performance by market and store levels, calculate the need for reorders or inventory moves and make action plans to maximize margin for seasonal items.


Generate a high turning core replenishment business by leveraging historical trend information about your products. Best practice customers are building factual order recommendations through detailed store specific analyses, instead of basing replenishment on sell-in orders.

The earlier we can use SPS analytics to identify a trend, the sooner we can maximize that peak season for our retailers and mitigate some unproductive supply with our solution.

—Casey Daker, Director of Wholesale Strategic Planning, Crocs

Analytics built for a new era of consumer-first retail.

Develop the plans you need to succeed with strategic insights and collaboration tools.

Demand planning

Provide your demand planning applications with a cleansed and normalized data feeds from all your data wholesale and online sellers. This solution takes away the mess and pain of dealing with POS and inventory information with vast differences from retailer to retailer and normalizes this into a stream that can keep your application fed with the critical information to make decisions.

Operational & store insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of which stores are not selling your most important items. With our analytics solutions, suppliers are able to proactively recommend geographical product assortments to retailers based on factual insights gathered from regional analysis.

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