USG Stands Out Through Excellence in Order Fulfillment with Help From SPS

As an industry leader, USG has risen to the challenge of staying on the cutting edge of innovation for fulfillment. For the company, fulfillment is crucial to operating a seamless business since its customers demand predictability on order status and delivery. The SPS Fulfillment solution helps USG stand out as a trusted supplier to its wide range of retailers.

USG is the leader in building material products. It manufactures Sheetrock brand drywall, which is a globally known brand for building materials. USG leads the industry in lightweight technology drywall.

Heavy Loads Delivered on Big Trucks to Unique Places

Selling building materials means USG is shipping big, bulky loads on 18-wheelers full of product and often delivering directly at worksites. More than the typical distributor, the company needs to have the right product at the right place at the right time.

SPS Fulfillment is crucial to USG operating a seamless business since its customers demand predictability on order status and delivery. Before Fulfillment, it was an unknown how much money they were going to have, or how many resources would be available in the future, or even how long an order or delivery would take because each customer had unique requirements.

USG EDI Partnership with SPS

As the Great Recession was turning around, smaller customers consolidated to create greater buying power at the same time building began to uptick. The USG EDI partnership with SPS Commerce began after the company decided investing in the staffing, equipment and software to run an in-house EDI department didn’t align with its core competencies. The company looked at the technology solution landscape and through the process decided that SPS was the right EDI provider for USG.

As an added bonus, SPS Commerce already works with a lot of USG’s existing customers. With the EDI maps already worked out, connecting is a breeze. When new trading partners become available, SPS can bring them onboard quickly and efficiently.

The Interviewee:

Laura Hunter, Director of Sales Operation

The Challenge:

Find a provider that could become USG’s EDI department.


The Solution:

Fulfillment full-service EDI solution from SPS Commerce.


The Results:

USG can focus more on core business with less worry about supply chain predictability.

“Since their network is so large, many of the customers we’re doing business with, SPS is already in relationship. So we don’t have to recreate the wheel, we can use the learnings that SPS brings to the table and that’s what I’m really excited about.”

– Laura Hunter