DM Fulfillment EDI Effort with SPS Saves Time, Labor and Opportunities

360,000+ connections in the SPS network helps DM Fulfillment increase roster of retail customers.

DM Fulfillment, a national fulfillment and third-party logistics (3PL) provider, uses SPS Commerce’s cloud EDI service to reduce manual tasks and enable streamlined integrations with retailers. The DM Fulfillment EDI initiative has helped the company to more fully embrace the demands of omnichannel that require error-free order processing, allowing it to retain a growing roster of retail customers.

Saving Time and Labor, While Quickly Securing Opportunities

According to DM Fulfillment, testing and mapping to integrate with trading partners was taking up to 12 weeks to properly connect systems and all the related communications with customers. Even after a trading partner was fulling onboarded, the 3PL was limited in its ability to deliver on omnichannel retail expectations.

After SPS was brought on for the DM Fulfillment EDI project, the company experienced huge gains in efficiency and capabilities. New trading partners are onboarded in a matter of a few hours, allowing opportunities to be seized faster. The Saint Louis, Missouri-based 3PL also reaches 99 percent of the U.S. population within one to two business days via ground shipping from four strategically located distribution centers.

Integrate with One Connection, Network to Many Trading Partners

SPS Commerce is helping DM Fulfillment achieve this logistical feat through use of SPS Commerce’s extensive network, enabling streamlined integrations with retailers. Paired with SPS Commerce, DM Fulfillment is sure to innovate further as a go-to fulfillment vendor. DM Fulfillment EDI capabilities empower the company to meet the error-free processing demands of omnichannel retail trading partners.

This improved accuracy and outstanding service, in turn, helps DM Fulfillment both retain its roster of retail customers and grow new business relationships. Its robust retail-oriented IT and physical U.S. distribution network continues to win new business. The 3PL looks forward to serving the omnichannel needs of its retail customers such as Triumph Pharmaceutical’s SmartMouth dental hygiene products and Denco Luggage.

The Interviewee:

Christian Goodrich, Supervisor

The Challenge:

Retain a growing roster of retail customers who require outstanding accuracy and service.


The Solution:

Speed up onboarding and deliver an omnichannel experience on behalf of its clientele.


The Results:

99% of the U.S. population now within just 1 to 2 business days via ground shipping from just four distribution centers.

“A larger majority of our clients have come to us and are now moving towards the direct to consumer, drop ship model. The integration that we have with SPS has made it very easy to transition from a wholesale type transaction to direct to consumer transaction.”

– Christian Goodrich