React Quickly and Appropriately with Retail Automation

Sales and inventory data analytics from SPS Commerce enables good decision making at Ping Golf Clubs. With retail supply chain automation, the supplier fulfills orders to locations where products are needed most.

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    Sporting Goods, Golf
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    Phoenix, AZ
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Ping is a family business known for innovation for more than 60 years. Having access to sales and inventory information from their retailers improves the effectiveness of their sales teams.

Recently, the golf club company saw large spikes in its orders as consumers headed outside during the pandemic. SPS Commerce Analytics provided the insights, dashboards and data visualizations. Ping used this data to monitor demand and inventory levels.

SPS Analytics: Accurate Data, Better Decisions

Ping relies on SPS Analytics for accurate sales and inventory information. This data is used by executives, sales and across the company to get the most of retail automation.

“We had a big initiative in recent years to get better data, to improve our data, and to have one source for the truth. It allows us to make better decisions.”
– John K. Solheim, President, Ping

During the pandemic, Ping used SPS Analytics to see which stores needed more inventory. There was a huge increase in golf club sales. The SPS data showed which clubs were selling out, and where inventory was most needed.

“I would say SPS Analytics saves me hours a week. It’s helped so much. Instead of spending hours trying to find data, I’m able to do it in seconds. And it’s right where I need it to be.”
– Brandon Sutton, Product Planning Manager, Ping

Retail Automation Key to Retailer Relationships

Before using SPS Analytics, the supplier asked for weekly sales reports from their retailers. Retailers would pull reports and send them to Ping. The data was in different formats. It was a lot of work for Ping and the retailer to discover actionable insights. Today, Ping receives point-of-sale (POS) data every Monday morning. SPS ensures that it is complete and ready for use. This retail automation is easier on Ping and its partners.

“Getting the data from SPS and investing in that has really been key to our relationships with our accounts. We want to be their favorite vendor and the easiest to work with. And a huge part of that is the data, so that we can make good recommendations and make good business decisions together.”
– Lee Goldstrand, National Strategic Accounts Manager, Ping

The Interviewee:

  • John K. Solheim, President, Ping
  • Lee Goldstrand, National Strategic Accounts Manager, Ping
  • Brandon Sutton, Product Planning Manager, Ping

The Challenge:

Boost sales and manage inventory across retailers, especially during peak seasons.


The Solution:

SPS Commerce Analytics


The Results:

Make decisions quickly and appropriately using SPS Analytics.

“The detail that we get from SPS gives us the ability to not only react quickly, but more importantly, react appropriately.”

-Lee Goldstrand, National Strategic Accounts Manager, Ping