Lily’s Sweets:
Onboarding national retail customers without adding staff

Unstoppable growth in retail requires EDI to meet retailer requirements and process orders fast

Lily’s Sweets is changing the world of chocolate. Their no-sugar-added chocolate bars, baking chocolate, cookies, peanut butter cups and chocolate covered nuts are so good, shoppers are flocking to them. This popularity has attracted national retailers and grocers, and Lily’s business is booming. In the past two years, the company has more than doubled. One would expect some growing pains, but this isn’t the case for Lily’s. All they needed was the right help. Lily’s teamed with SPS Commerce for EDI to easily process orders and integrate with QuickBooks. The SPS solution includes knowledge of their retailers’ requirements and accessible support, so Lily’s can focus on growing their business, not EDI.

Onboarding new retail customers

When a new retail customer is signed, suppliers want to be ready for their first order right away. Today, thanks to SPS, Lily’s can be live sharing EDI with a new retailer in under 4 weeks, often as quickly as within one day. The team at SPS is always available to make the new connection, including testing and certifying with the retailer. Lily’s business is moving fast, luckily their EDI solution isn’t slowing them down.

“SPS Commerce has really helped us to achieve double-digit growth in a short period of time.”
– Melissa Stringer, Senior Manager of Customer Operations, Lily’s Sweets

Integrating with QuickBooks EDI

Lily’s uses QuickBooks for their order management and wanted to access their EDI orders from within the accounting software. SPS Commerce Fulfillment integrates with QuickBooks so everything can be done in one place. No more toggling between multiple systems.
“You can import an order into QuickBooks in three minutes. It’s very fast,” explains Stringer.

Doubling in orders, not in staff

When adding a new solution, you can usually expect needing to put a majority of your internal tech resources on the case (especially with a complicated system like EDI). But when your business isn’t a tech company and you have retail customers that want to buy from you right away, you can’t afford to waste time or resources on the complexities of EDI. Lily’s Sweets knows that doing what you do best is how you get ahead, so instead of bringing on extra staff to manage EDI, they saved big and went with the full-service solution from SPS to ensure they never missed a sale.

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The Interviewee:

Melissa Stringer, Senior Manager of Customer Operations

The Interviewee:

Tori Arthofer, Customer Service Coordinator

The Challenge:

Manage increasing order volumes with existing staff.

The Solution:

Integrate SPS Fulfillment for EDI with QuickBooks.

The Results:

New retail customers added in as little as one day, putting Lily’s products on more shelves sooner.

“If we didn’t have SPS, we would have to have 20 people on my team. SPS is a game changer. It saves our company tons of time, making tons of resources available to do bigger and better projects.”

-Melissa Stringer, Senior Manager of Customer Operations, Lily’s Sweets

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