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Leading Retailers and Brands Turn to SPS Commerce Fulfillment to Advance Beyond EDI for the Digital Retail Era

April 26, 2016

New Fulfillment Solution Transforms Foundational Supply Chain Capabilities for Customers Including Fruit of the Loom, PGA TOUR Superstores, Rapala USA and USG

MINNEAPOLIS, April 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SPS Commerce, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPSC), a leader in retail cloud services, announced the latest solution for the digital retail era, SPS Commerce Fulfillment. Retail industry leaders recognize the need to advance beyond EDI to capture the intelligence and actionable insights needed to keep pace with today’s digital retail shopper. SPS Fulfillment achieves this by optimizing order orchestration to streamline product delivery, the top priority of today’s retailers and suppliers. Unveiled today at the SPS Commerce In:fluence 2016 conference, SPS Fulfillment is the first fulfillment solution that overcomes legacy systems and the limitations of EDI, allowing the retail industry to optimize its omnichannel strategies to focus on profitability and growth.

“As consumers become more digitally inspired, Fruit of the Loom and our retail customers are on a journey to transform our business to exceed their demands,” said Chris Krebs, CIO at Fruit of the Loom. “Our company has an ongoing commitment to invest in fulfillment, including partnering with SPS Commerce, and continually advancing our supply chain capabilities to satisfy consumer demand and enhance the digital retail experience.”

SPS Fulfillment provides actionable insights into what retailers and customers care about — from inventory levels to order status to shipment details to payment and returns. All information on any aspect of an order is accessible on any device to empower customer service, warehouse and other staff to positively impact order completion.

“It is a new world as consumers are clear and unabashedly expecting retail to be everywhere and orchestrate their orders exactly as they desire,” said Archie Black, president and CEO of SPS Commerce. “The EDI solutions of the past are not equipped to keep pace with the needs of today’s consumer, as they lack the agility and insight needed by retailers and suppliers. SPS Fulfillment is dramatically different and offers the intelligence to drive profitable order orchestration. It’s fulfillment reimagined.”

“Everything starts with the customer at PGA TOUR Superstores and delighting the consumer is paramount to our success,” said Randy Peitsch, senior vice president of operations at PGA TOUR Superstores. “Agile fulfillment is key to this success and we are teaming with our suppliers and using solutions like SPS Commerce Fulfillment to garner the intelligence needed to anticipate consumer demand. We are going beyond the convergence of e-commerce and stores, understanding it is about offering consumers an experience wherever they shop and being ready for their future demands.”

According to a December 2015 Forrester report, Mastering the Art of Omnichannel Retailing, by Brendan Witcher, principal analyst at Forrester and a keynote speaker at SPS In:fluence, “Today’s digitally savvy, time-crunched consumer has high expectations for smooth cross-channel ordering and fulfillment, requiring retailers to continually optimize their programs with added value and service levels … Failing to deliver on the finer points of an exceptional omnichannel program will result in dissatisfied customers who don’t use the service and in turn don’t deliver on the projected operational efficiencies and cost savings.”

“As a leading building products company, we have been fulfilling customer demand for more than 100 years — but today’s consumer is more mobile and demanding,” said Laura Hunter, director of sales operations at USG Corporation. “In 2016, we’re looking to propel our fulfillment program and embrace new technologies like SPS Commerce Fulfillment as we advance beyond EDI to gain more intelligence about consumer demands and new delivery capabilities.”

“For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with SPS Commerce to provide the innovative fulfillment capabilities that allow us to serve our growing number of retail customers and their increasing needs,” said Naomi Dwyer, vice president of information technology at Rapala USA. “We rely on SPS Commerce Fulfillment to provide the timeliness and agility necessary to equip our customers with all they need to sell our products in the digital retail era. SPS allows us to operate more effectively by sharing data with our supply chain partners and offering the intelligence and insight to increase customer demand.”

SPS Commerce Fulfillment is immediately available from SPS Commerce and its channel partners.

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