Order Fulfillment in the Digital Era

How Vendor Partnerships Enhance Execution and Profitability.

The State of Omnichannel Integration

Over the past decade, many terms—including multi-channel, omnichannel, integrated retail, unified commerce and others—have been used to describe the changing nature of retail shopping. All of these terms reflect the same goal: to create an integrated experience across all shopping channels for the consumer.

Regardless of what today’s new retail environment is called, consumer preferences are increasing the need for integration across all retail channels, beyond just a “physical” channel and a “digital” one.


Delivering a seamless consumer experience across all sales channels.


Optimizing inventory across all locations and channels at the same time.


Update internal business systems and engage trading partners in the change process.

Today there are a multitude of ways an order can be fulfilled:

  1. Buy online, return in store
  2. Direct to consumer
  3. Ship from store
  4. Drop-ship vendors
  5. Store-to-store transfers
  6. Buy online, pick up in store
  7. Ship to store