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Twin Cups & SPS Commerce: A Success Story

  • Customer Type:
  • Industry:
    Food & Beverage
  • Headquarters:
    Santa Barbara, CA
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  • ERP:
    Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise
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Executive Summary

Twin Cups is a leader in the emerging better-for-you ice cream category thanks to its innovative recipes that pack ten grams of protein in each ½ cups serving of Swell Foods ice cream. Since the launch of the ice cream in 2017, the company has been adding grocery retailers to its list of customers, including Kroger, Ahold, Publix, and more planned for 2019.


The Challenge:

Automation to support the changing requirements of grocery customers.


The Solution:

Scalable EDI solution for QuickBooks Enterprise.


The Results:

The ability to meet all grocery customer requirements automatically.

Doing EDI is Good Busines

As an IT veteran in the food industry, Shari Mock, COO at Twin Cups knew that it was just a matter of time before their retail customers required them to do EDI.

“Most large retailers simply won’t do business with you if you can’t comply with their EDI requirements. It’s part of doing business, but also helps us to scale our business as new customers including HyVee, Safeway and Target, start to carry our better-for-you ice cream,” said Mock.

Choosing a QuickBooks EDI Partner

Twin Cups uses QuickBooks Enterprise to manage its orders, shipments and invoices. Having previously worked with SPS Commerce Fulfillment at another company, Mock was curious about how well it connected with QuickBooks and may work at Twin Cups.

“My experience with SPS was very positive, especially with their customer support, but the Twin Cups environment was different. I needed to be sure this was the right EDI solution for us,” said Mock.

Unbeknownst to SPS, Mock visited a nearby SPS customer that also used QuickBooks Enterprise and was experiencing similar growth. She spent an entire day watching their staff interact with SPS Fulfillment to receive orders, confirm shipments and invoice customers via EDI from within QuickBooks. “I had a real-life view of how SPS Fulfillment operated in one’s daily QuickBooks operations and I walked away thrilled with the solution and ready to bring it to Twin Cups,” said Mock.

SPS Fulfillment for Intuit QuickBooks automates operations and eliminate the error-prone manual processes that slow businesses down. The full-service solution helps companies save on staffing costs, improve order processing times and reduces errors by up to 99 percent with no extra logins or downloads.

Leaning Towards Automation

One of Mock’s core beliefs is to automate whenever possible. With the better-for-you ice cream category experiencing double-digit growth and knowing that Twin Cups was becoming a leading innovator in the space, growth was inevitable. By automating many aspects of the order fulfillment cycle, Twin Cups could scale to support more grocery retailers and larger order volumes.

“Remaining lean as we brought on large, national grocers was imperative. We receive orders daily and experience high volumes during our peak season, namely summer when ice cream sales increase. We needed to automate as the future for Swell Foods ice cream looks amazing,” said Mock.

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