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Are you a Walmart Marketplace seller looking to grow your business? SPS Commerce offers full-service solutions that power your success with Walmart Marketplace and other retailers. We help you list your products, fulfill orders quickly and accurately, and reduce manual work.

With SPS Commerce, you can:


Easily set up new items and update pricing or item information


Manage incoming orders and communicate order status


Book shipments and create labels


Streamline how you share inventory updates


Shop for the most cost-effective shipping rates

Best of all, you can eliminate the hassle of manual data entry. Our system automates data exchange with your customers. Plus, our full-service team manages all changes to data requirements on your behalf.

One connection for all customers and channels

With SPS, you can use one consistent process for sharing item, inventory, order and shipping data with all customers across all channels.

Once you connect to the SPS retail network, there’s no need to juggle multiple portals, emails, phone calls or spreadsheets. Connect once to SPS and immediately do business with thousands of retailers, suppliers, distributors, marketplaces and more. Everything is in one place and automatically updated with new orders, inventory counts and shipment details.

SPS Commerce makes it easy to deliver exactly what your customers want — without the headaches of managing the details yourself. We offer the most advanced technology, the most reliable network and the best service in the industry!

We will reach out via phone within 1 business day of completing the form to discuss if SPS is right for your business. We look forward to meeting you.

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