EDI 852 - Product Activity Data

Sellers and buyers use the EDI 852 to share sales and inventory details. Suppliers can stay updated on how their products are performing to improve their sales and inventory.

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How is the EDI 852 Used?

The EDI 852 is often sent on a weekly basis. There are multiple ways EDI Product Activity Data can be used, including:


Ongoing collaboration – Retailers inform suppliers what was sold, what is on order, returns, in transit and inventory levels by retailer location.


Vendor managed inventory – Retailers share data on what was sold, so the suppliers can replenish inventory or create a suggested order to the retailer.


Scan based trading – Retailers inform suppliers what has sold in preparation for the supplier invoicing the retailer.


Distributors – Distributors report to the supplier or manufacturer what was sold or transferred to another retailer, or sent to a joint customer.

Benefits of using an 852 Product Activity Data

Implementing the 852 Product Activity Data offers benefits to both the retailer or distributor (sender of the EDI 852 document) and the supplier (receiver of the EDI 852 document). These benefits include:


Gain visibility into product sales performance at the store level or by product


Optimize inventory planning and management


Reduce the risk of stock-outs and overstock positions

The key data elements in the price catalog/sales catalog SLSRPT document include:


Item and quantity sold in dollars


Item and quantity sold in units


Quantity on hand (inventory)


Adjustments to inventory


Out of stock quantities, e.g., lost sales, rain checks or shortfalls


On-order quantities as reflected in the buyer’s systems


Quantities received as reflected in the buyer’s systems

Common issues regarding EDI 852

Inaccurate data:

Data quality issues, particularly inaccurate on-hand inventory levels, can make it difficult to rely on the EDI 852 to make informed decisions.

Inconsistent data:

Every retailer provides a slightly different format for the EDI 852. That’s why it’s critical to discuss each trading partner’s requirements and capabilities prior to implementing this document.

Time-consuming data analysis:

The EDI 852 is a complex and lengthy document. Turning the data into actionable insights can be challenging, even based on data from one retailer. Collecting, normalizing and analyzing Product Activity Data from multiple retailers is extremely labor-intensive.

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