SPS Commerce White Paper: Point of Sale Data Sharing

More point of sale data sharing is happening between retailers and vendors so suppliers can perform their own analysis to help make better decisions.

Retailers are counting on suppliers to understand and help manage their own products’ performance at the store level. To enable this, an increasing number of retailers provide Point of Sale (POS) data to vendors so that suppliers can perform their own analysis and help retailers make better decisions.

Current low-cost offerings from Software as a Service (SaaS) EDI providers can be set up quickly, and help suppliers develop strategies to share with their retailers for the betterment of their mutual business efforts. The low cost of entry and short learning
curve make these systems no-risk, but high-reward ways of building a long-term relationship that transforms the supplier from an ordertaker to a business partner.

This white paper examines the tools available, and the reasons why suppliers should understand and implement these systems now to grow their business relationship with retail customers.



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January 15, 2015