Capitalize on Selling Opportunities with Retail Data from Athlete’s World (AW LAB).

Get retail data from Athlete’s World (AW LAB) and your other trading partners without the hassle of collecting and analyzing the data yourself! The SPS Commerce Analytics solution helps you quickly identify retail trends so you can improve inventory visibility and maximize sales.

Access the retail analytics you need through the world’s largest retail network.

SPS Commerce is the global market leader in retail analytics with 120,000 customers worldwide. Eliminate the headaches of working with retail portals, buyer’s reports and spreadsheets. We do the heavy lifting for you by gathering, normalizing and analyzing your retail data!

What is retail data analytics?

Retail data analytics is the exchange of sell-through and inventory data between retailers and their suppliers. Businesses use retail data analytics to optimize sales and inventory levels to retail stores and eCommerce sites.

Consolidate Your Data with SPS Analytics

Trust the retail data experts.

SPS Commerce has the technology, proven process and expert team to help you optimize the use of analytics throughout your organization.

SPS Commerce has the expertise to improve your sell-through data with any supply chain partner.

"My retailers are blown away with what I’m able to provide them now. We sit down and go through the analytics. We look at business, where we’re at, from sell through to weeks of supply of stock. It’s just amazing and they’re actually looking at me going, ‘How do you get this information?"

- Randy Morgan, Sperry

Spend less time analyzing your retail data, and more time on your business.

SPS Analytics gathers all the retail data you need from trading partners, validates the data and corrects errors. We also provide industry-leading dashboard visibility that presents data in multiple ways through tables, charts, graphs and interactive visualizations.

SPS Analytics has helpful dashboards that allow you to dive deep into your retail data.

What’s included with SPS Analytics?

Our Process


Data acquisition from all available trading partner resources


Transforming your data into one consolidated format 


Data validation to proactively ensure up-front accuracy 


Error prevention with behind-the-scenes data correction


On demand product training so you can learn on your own schedule

Our People


24/7 access to a full team of data experts


Platform personalization with your retail data trend experts


Trading partner outreach for data collection, problem solving and tool engagement


Retail partner specific trainings led by an SPS trainer

Our Technology


Pre-built data visualizations with item and location cross referencing


Ad hoc reporting on high level trends and product drill downs


Easy integration into other analytics or data visualization tools (i.e. Tableau, Power BI, or MicroStrategy)


Multi-device and exportable report capabilities


Responsive email alerts for schedule reports and potential issues

Eliminate the expense of manual processes.

Remove the time and effort of taking it on yourself, choose SPS Commerce instead.
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