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True Brands & SPS Commerce: A Success Story

Grow your sales volume, not your staff

See what True Brands did to eliminate the need for a new employee through full service EDI.

In your FREE case study, you’ll learn:

  • Why managed service EDI providers can’t scale to your business growth
  • The cost of timely mapping and noncompliance with retailers
  • The benefits of automating your EDI and ERP (Hint: Time & $$$)
  • Improvements in drop shipping lead to better customer relations
  • Why EDI makes trading with partners like Walmart effortless
  • How automation reduces chargebacks and improves relationships
  • How to add efficiency, not headcount

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Executive Summary

Savvy suppliers like True Brands, know doing EDI with its retail partners is not just about compliance, it’s a way to gain favor and more business. With a corporate initiative to eliminate data entry and an ERP switch to Oracle NetSuite, True Brands reached out to SPS Commerce to better support their retailers’ requirements and connect in days, not months. The automated solution provides hands-free order fulfillment for all Walmart orders and scales to support the company’s double-digit growth.


The Challenge:

Support growing business with confidence, do away with data entry.


The Solution:

Automate fulfillment with 70+ retailers and a 3PL.


The Results:

Eliminate the need for a new hire, live with new retailers in 4-5 days.

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