Common Community development challenges

  • Technology implementation without community change process; minimal vendor engagement
  • Long lead-time on sign-up of engaged vendors; commonly achieve 10-20% engagement by +14 months
  • Parallel manual and EDI systems in concurrent operation; costs of dual structures without realising standard electronic messaging efficiencies
  • New vendors after the original project are not onboarded
  • System falls into sporadic use, upgrades are not prioritised, and the project ultimately abandoned; anecdotally this occurs in 60-70% of Fulfilment EDI projects industry wide (SPS achieves a 100% success rate)

SPS Community onboarding success

  • Consistent 100% success rate with onboarding Fulfilment EDI projects
  • SPS best-practice delivers ~92% viable vendor onboarding; remaining ~8% are duplicate accounts, very small vendors, etc
  • Full supply chain onboarding projects go live within ~3 months
  • Customers typically realise electronic messaging efficiencies, including ~halving of order handling costs
  • Parallel manual and EDI systems in concurrent operation; costs of dual structures without realising standard
  • SPS projects incorporate a standard new supplier onboarding process, outsourced and at no cost to the retailer

SPS Commerce’s Community development process is battle-tested from tens of thousands of programmes conducted in Australia and worldwide, with a series of practices that unfailingly deliver successful outcomes.

SPS network conept

icon-wrench  Customised programs

We identify and document program goals for you and your vendors up front, so that expectations are clear and the supplier enablement process is seamless. While the foundation of our Community Development strategy is the result of years of retail-focused experience, each new program is customised to shepherd your vendors to compliance.

icon-phone  Dedicated support

Our expert team empowers you to run large-scale Community Development campaigns across hundreds of trading partners. Retailers are assigned an enablement team responsible for designing and executing a strategy that will best maximise vendor compliance while minimising disruption.

icon-support people  One-on-one training

Our focus on personalised training for each vendor ensures that your trading partners are successful. The Community Development team’s customised approach to onboarding includes a formal program rollout to your vendors and consistent updates on the enablement initiative.

Icon-redo  Ongoing reporting

Our Community Development doesn’t end with setup. Reports are run on an ongoing basis so the entire team is aware of the vendor community’s compliance status at every stage in the process.

ICON-THUMB-BLK  Non-exclusive solutions

Our expert team works with each company to find the most effective onboarding approach for their business.

Community development across your retail business network


Networks of retailers, suppliers, and 3PLs are the most frequently onboarded communities, with automated orders, delivery notes, invoices, and more. Explore electronic messaging, EDI, and SPS fulfilment products.


Assortment networks for automatic delivery or update of item price, material specifications, images and videos, and more, lifts the manual burden for trading networks. Explore SPS solutions and SPS assortment products.


Collaborative analytics is extremely compelling, giving retailers and suppliers a consistent basis for discussion and rich insights to support business growth and profitability. Explore forecasting and analytics products.

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