Tue., Oct. 8, 2019
6:00pm – 8:30pm

31 Trinity St.
Toronto, Ontario
Cost: Free (you’re our guest)

Connections and Conversations

Join us for happy hour at Archeo in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery district.


Who will I meet?

We’ll introduce you to dozens of retail professionals who are facing similar business challenges.


Why should I attend?

Sold-out crowds tell us the connections, conversations and food make it a “must-attend” event.


Will it be fun?

Yes! You’ll experience amazing food, local brews and lively discussions.

I attended the event to meet people in industry selling online and learn how we can expand our business without needing more manpower.  It was a great event!

SPS IN NYC19 Attendee

I LOVED hearing from the panelists – so inspiring and encouraging.


SPS IN MPLS19 Attendee

I attended the event to network in person with SPS team members about potential new projects and business. I very much enjoyed the event location at DuMont’s. Great atmosphere.

SPS IN ATX19 Attendee

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