Relive the sights, sounds and compelling ideas from our 2017 event.

Omnichannel Retailing:
The Only Way To Win

Retailers and suppliers are in a busy trying to find the best way to win in a consumer-driven omnichannel world. Archie Black and Pete Zaballos break it down and demonstrate how Orchestrated Retailing will drive success in the future.

Orchestrating Growth Across All Your Channels

Bill Gibson of Deposco tells how retailers are orchestrating customer delight and loyalty across all their channels.

Are We Entering A New Age of Distribution?

Distributors are breaking new and important ground in unified retail by having to think and behave like retailers.

Hot or Not: What Really Matters to Win Today’s Retail Consumer

Brendan Witcher, principal analyst at Forrester Research, discusses the current state of retail and what trends you should focus on to win consumers.

Today’s Retail – The Ultimate Team Sport

Learn how to create a thriving environment where collaboration drives inspiration and success.

Merchandising – More Important Than Ever In Today’s Retail

In today’s retailing, “in store” now often means extending the store experience to an online channel of the consumer’s choice. It is vital that every sale must begin and end with successful merchandising.

Online Marketplaces – The Next Retail Storefront of Growth

Online marketplaces are creating growth opportunities for retailers while adding complexity to channel management. Learn how leaders in marketplaces and cloud order management are enabling retailer growth and profit.

Long Live the Store: How Digital Retail is Reinventing the Way Consumers Shop

E-commerce is growing; however on-line has not taken over brick and mortar business. In today’s retail environment you have to be able to meet the growth needs of e-commerce and the challenges of successfully managing inventory at store level.

The Science of Retail Success in the Age of Instant Gratification

A fundamental shift in consumer spending has taken place, and as a result, retailers and logistics providers are quickly adapting.

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Event Details

May 7-8, 2018
Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel,
The Depot
225 3rd Ave S,
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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