Integrated EDI Fulfillment – Complete Order and Shipment Visibility.

Built for Deposco:

Our pre-built solution makes it easy to integrate your electronic order transactions with your Deposco system.

Our cloud Deposco EDI integration solution reduces manual order entry.

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What can you expect from integrating Deposco with Fulfillment (EDI) from SPS Commerce?

True automation

Achieve order and invoice automation, saving time and reducing the chance of human error.

Decrease fulfillment time

Our integration bumps up warehouse speed and supports most fulfillment models like buy online, pick up in store and drop ship.

Better customer experience

Our joint solution enhances sourcing, inventory management and fulfillment capabilities to provide your consumers with a seamless retail experience.


Not just a marketing word, integration with Deposco can actually help scale your business by improving ship timeliness, inventory positions and sales.

Order accuracy

Whether it’s in store or online, our integration immensely reduces the chances of stock outs, overstocks and backorders.

Works with your current technology

Our solution eliminates the need to rip and replace legacy systems since it works with your existing technology.

What our customers like about Deposco integration:


“SPS Commerce and Deposco have helped us quickly orchestrate our omnichannel retail supply chain by leveraging their cloud-based technologies. With their combined expertise, we can now rapidly add new suppliers and better manage shipments from suppliers, as well as to customers and stores.”

— David Amar, chief operating officer,

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