Business Continuity Summary

The SPS Commerce business continuity plan protects the health and safety of our employees and customers, while continuing to ensure outstanding operational performance and customer service during times of disruption.
Business Continuity - 24x7x365 Service

Deliver 24x7x365 global service while protecting the health of employees and customers

Global and remote collaboration has been a successful practice for many years at SPS Commerce. To safeguard the health of our community, all global employees are fully equipped to work remotely and interact with customers and partners using remote productivity tools. Providing a full-service customer experience is a core value at SPS and we’ve seen a successful transition to remotely providing the same level of service customers have come to expect from SPS.

  • 60% increase in chat messaging usage for real-time communication
  • 2x the number of video conferencing meetings for face-to-face collaboration
  • Rapid set-up for new trading partner relationships
  • 400+ technology partners aligned to the systems across the supply chain to ensure extensive per system expertise
Business Continuity - Operational Performance

Maintain best-in-class level of operational performance

SPS is committed to helping trading partners connect through our retail network without interruption. 24x7x365 monitoring of operational performance is a core part of our practices, and our infrastructure automatically scales to meet increased demand during peak periods. Our technology continuity approaches have been developed from industry-accepted methodologies and encompass principles of high-availability engineering.

  • Cloud-native retail network
  • Infrastructure with capacity to automatically scale to over 2x normal volumes
  • SOC2 certified for managing customer data based on security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality trust service principles
  • Real-time status available at
Business Continuity - Strong Financial Health & Outlook

Continue our track record of profitable, sustained growth

SPS is the world’s leading retail cloud network with over 105,000 customers worldwide. Our industry leadership and business model enable us to make strategic long-term decisions that sustain strong performance through unforeseen economic events.

  • Strong financial position including no debt and $200M in cash and cash equivalents
  • Diverse customer base across multiple industries including grocery, healthcare, industrial and consumer products
  • 76 consecutive quarters of growth
  • Additional information available at