StarTrack on the impact of local Australian SPS Commerce team members

by | Oct 6, 2017

The long-standing partnership between SPS and logistics leader StarTrack continues to flourish. “The local team in Australia has been absolutely fantastic,” said David Keevil, head of third party logistics at StarTrack. “The SPS network is extremely powerful, it simplifies our transactions.”

When referring to its partnership with SPS Commerce, Keevil says, “SPS has been a vital part of our business growth.” David tells us in an interview, “My philosophy as a 3PL is I need to make it simple for the customer… and by using SPS I can very, very quickly, enable the customers to get up and running, which is dollars in their pocket.”

The wide range of services SPS Commerce provides helps StarTrack, a trusted partner for e-commerce, to help its customers while it continues to grow its business. “What we are doing now with SPS is not only connecting with retailers, but also connecting e-commerce platforms as well,” says Keevil.

“SPS has enabled us to connect customers of ours very quickly not only to warehouse management system but our retail management chain.”
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Find the correct EDI solution for your business.

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