Retailers, grocers educate and certify 8,700 vendors with SPS Online Courses [Press Release]

by | Mar 13, 2018

Did you know SPS Commerce offers 75 online training programs that educate and certify suppliers to deliver a more efficient supply chain? Courses are available for leading retailers, including Ace Hardware, Arhaus, Cabela’s, CDW,, David Jones, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Grainger,, Loblaws, Neiman Marcus, The Iconic, The Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart, among others. The online courses provide detailed information on the latest trading requirements of the retailer delivered through documentation, infographics, webinars and videos, with optional testing and certification available.

“In today’s fast-paced retail environment, our suppliers need to understand how and why our trading requirements exist, and how to support them,” said Robert Schiefelbein, Supply Chain Support Manager, Cabela’s LLC. “By offering online training via SPS Commerce, this information is available in a format that takes just minutes to consume and we can track who has completed the series. The consumer is the real winner, as our improved retailer-supplier partnerships better showcase our merchandising strategy and deliver error-free orders and shipments.”

SPS Commerce offers a proven customer success methodology, including online courses, for retailers and their vendors to align with supply chain improvement initiatives. Comprised of more than a hundred retail strategists and technology experts, the Customer Success team at SPS supports more than 75,000 customers with the latest industry best practices to optimize their individual experience.

View the press release to learn how retailers, grocers and distributors can use online trainings to advance their supply chains alongside their vendors.

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Ready to experience infinite retail power?

Ready to experience infinite retail power?

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