SPS Commerce comes up big at Acumatica Summit 2018

by | Feb 16, 2018

For the third consecutive year, SPS Commerce had the good fortune of sponsoring Acumatica Summit. This year, Acumatica threw a honky-tonk themed event and hosted their community in Nashville, Tenn., complete with live entertainment and a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame. This made for great fun, but it was the daytime activities that created a real stir. Acumatica kicked off the Monday morning keynote by announcing that it was officially their 10-year anniversary.

While the wild release of balloons and endorphins had the crown abuzz that morning, it was the welcome reception on Sunday that raised an eyebrow for the SPS team. This year’s summit offered a noticeable growth from prior years, as the cloud upstart went from the child of ERP space to what they now affectionately dub themselves as the “Rambunctious Teenager in the Room.”

The number of attendees, from customers, ISV sponsors, value added resellers (VAR) and analysts was significantly greater than in prior years, signifying a noticeable market shift. Acumatica made a statement in the market by bringing in many OEM brands from outside the United States, signifying a strong use case for the Acumatica platform globally.

This show also saw SPS win an “MVP Development Award” for our strong work with the Acumatica team to continue developing our native integration enabling full EDI and supply chain compliance for our customers.

The prevalence of many new ISV’s and sponsors to this year’s Summit offered the biggest change from prior events. Acumatica customers are in for better days ahead because with new technology from SPS and our partners are ready to fill the needs of our clients.

It is clear that the Acumatica team, the reseller community and SPS are ready for the rapid growth of the Acumatica market. Thank you to all of you who joined us at the show to help make it successful. We look forward to helping serve you, and all other members of the Acumatica Community in 2018 and many years beyond.

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