Growth spikes won’t derail SIM Supply with SPS Fulfillment

by | Apr 24, 2018

It was 2016 and SIM Supply’s orders were on the rise as the mining industry and its new online sales channels began to flourish. This spike in business revealed an urgent need for automation, and based on the recommendation of one of its largest customers, SIM Supply chose SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI), which was then deployed. This solution ensured that orders from the company’s e-commerce site, Amazon,, Wal-Mart, New Egg and BidPrice marketplaces, and its government contracts were processed efficiently and accurately.

Today SIM Supply manages more than 360,000 EDI transactions annually on SPS Fulfillment with 99.9 percent accuracy. Reliable and hands-free operations support SIM Supply’s growth as it continues to expand through its direct relationships with over 9,000 manufacturers and suppliers stocking over 700,000 items.

“I rarely use the SPS Fulfillment solution, simply because its reliable and does its job without my intervention. I trust it to do what it does in any season and at any volume, said Joe Caldwell, Multichannel Marketplace Manager at SIM Supply.

Read more about how SPS Fulfillment scales to support SIM Supply’s growth as the retailer’s e-commerce, marketplace and government contract sales continue to rise.

Get products in the hands of more consumers.

Get products in the hands of more consumers.

Automate processes, integrate systems, manage item info, gain data insights and more with SPS solutions.

Sara Duane

Content Marketing Manager at SPS Commerce
Sara Duane is a content expert for the SPS Commerce marketing team. She provides valuable articles and important information about e-commerce, merchandising strategies, order fulfillment and other topics related to retail supply chain optimization.
Sara Duane


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