Geoffrey Moore inspires SPS In:fluence attendees with fresh approaches to solve retail’s biggest problems

by | Apr 29, 2015

Day one of SPS In:fluence 2015 was filled with thought provoking speeches from some of the retail industry’s greatest minds including Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm.

Moore’s session, “Systems of Engagement: The New Face of Retail,” addressed how the retail industry can prosper during the omnichannel era by making use of powerful, proven growth strategies for retail companies at every stage. Listed below are the five steps Moore urges business to implement in order to conquer the disruption that’s currently impacting the retail industry.

  1. Understand the disruption – Identify which area is impacting your business the most. It could be a number of challenges including e-commerce, customer experience or mobile and social engagement.
  2. Which adoption strategy is best suited for your business – by taking next generation technology and applying it to your business, your operations will run more efficiently and save money in the end.
  3. Reengineer customer experience – consumers are constantly evolving and demanding more engagement with their retailers and suppliers. Utilizing mobile and social technology to better integrate customer experience to your business is what Moore refers to as the “Systems of Engagement.”
  4. Collaborate with suppliers and 3PLs – Neither retailer, supplier nor 3PL has control of the industry – that power belongs to the consumer. The time to band together and trust business partners has never been important. Strategic collaboration is the key to omnichannel success.
  5. Embrace the disruption – Free your industry from the pull of the past and embrace change.

As Moore concluded, he left the audience with this quote, “change is not required because survival is not mandatory.” For Moore information on SPS In:fluence events, check out our website at or join the conversation with the Twitter #SPSInfluence.

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