CodeDay 2019 in Minneapolis at SPS Commerce

by | Feb 13, 2019

SPS Commerce hosts CodeDay 2019 in Minneapolis on February 16th and 17th. Last year’s CodeDay 2018 was a smashing success and we hope for similar results this year.

CodeDay is a coding event for students who are programmers, musicians, and artists to gather together and build completely new games and applications in just 24 hours. Students of any skill level between the ages of 12 and 24 are welcome to also attend workshops and meet with mentors ready to teach and guide. This 24-hour CodeDay “hackathon” is held several times a year at over 30 major North American cities.

How does CodeDay Work?

At the start of CodeDay, attendees pitch ideas to the assembled group and students join together into teams around these ideas. Mentors help the teams fully develop their ideas, think about how to break down the work so everyone can contribute, and are available to answer technology questions.  In addition to the team activities, workshops are held throughout the day, and a rich environment of opportunities are available for students’ to apply their newly learned skills.

The event runs from 12:00 PM on Saturday to 12:00 PM on Sunday. Students can stay up all night working on their projects, participate in games against other CodeDay cities, or can bring a sleeping bag and pillow and get a little rest.  In the middle of the night, SPS Commerce technology staff from cities like Melbourne, Australia or Kyiv, Ukraine are available on a video call to tell the students about a career in technology, as part of a global organization.  SPS is rounding the coding party out with food and beverages, and quiet places to nap, should anyone actually want to sleep.

SPS Gives Back

SPS Commerce has hosted CodeDay in Minneapolis on several other occasions in the past and hopes to continue doing so more in the future.  This is an event that energizes the SPS volunteers as much as the students.  Seeing the excitement of the students and the passion to build something cool and fun reminds all of the volunteers why we started out in technology careers.

SPS participates in these events to help foster and encourage a love of coding and a curiosity for learning. Last year we sponsored Hack the Heat 2 and just a few weeks ago, we also sponsored and participated in MinneHack, hosted by the University of Minnesota. About 380 students attended the 24-hour hackathon and it was exciting to see so many college students working together to make their ideas come to life, running into challenges, finding ways to make it work, presenting on their work, and creating well thought out and executed applications in such a short timeframe.

In addition to offering students the chance to learn, CodeDay 2019 is open for mentors and judges to participate. Each event relies on the power of people in order to succeed. #TeamSPS, mentors, judges and other volunteers will be helping make this and other events possible.

To sign up as a student, mentor, judge or other volunteer, visit the CodeDay website:

Watch this short video on 2018 CodeDay in Minneapolis at SPS Commerce:


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