Making big item shipments a small worry with SPS Commerce

by | Sep 7, 2017

United States Stove Company is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves and alternative heating appliances. Years ago, US Stove started a relationship with SPS Commerce to improve its fulfillment capabilities, as delivering big item shipments of large black steel boxes is not easy and requires an accurate exchange of data between its retailers and the company.

“Data accuracy is probably the number one most important aspect of doing omnichannel,” said Lindsey Huffhines, Omni-channel Director at US Stove. “If your data is not accurate, whether it be product description, photographs, shipping information, you are going to create a poor customer experience.”

To be successful in e-commerce suppliers have to manage the customer experience from the very beginning. Data integration has been the largest challenge that US Stove has faced over the past year. Watch the video to hear more about how SPS Commerce provides US Stove with the supply chain visibility and accurate information it needs to serve its customers in this testimonial.

Sending big item shipments

To learn more, download the United States Stove Company case study from SPS Commerce.

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Ready to experience infinite retail power?

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