Automate with EDI integration for Sage 300cloud (formerly Sage 300).

Cut costs, gain efficiencies and scale your business by automating your supply chain with Fulfillment (EDI).

The SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for Sage 300 integrates into your existing Sage 300 application, offering advanced functionality with less risk and at a lower cost than traditional EDI software.

Built for Sage 300cloud:

Our pre-built solution makes it easy to integrate electronic order transactions with your Sage 300cloud ERP system. Our solution offers support for most common accounting documents, including purchase orders, invoices, credit adjustments and more.


Eliminate or significantly reduce manual entry needs.


Connect to new and existing trading partners, 3PLs and more.


Shrink stock outs, overstocks and backorders.


Achieve compliance with all your trading partners.


Save money with a cloud-based solution versus a traditional EDI department.


Enhance inventory accuracy, ship timeliness and sales.


Source new vendors and onboard quickly.


Generate better sales and inventory forecasts.

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How companies benefit from integrated EDI:


‘‘With SPS Commerce, OMI was able to scale our EDI capabilities to quickly meet the demands of new e-commerce, grocery and retail customers without additional internal resources."

— Operations team at OMI Industries

“As we pursue new sales channels for our products, we can boldly say to potential customers that we can accommodate their EDI requirements. We wouldn’t be able to say this without SPS Commerce working collaboratively at our side.”

—James Kochheiser, chief information officer at Otis McAllister

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Decrease manual entry needs

Manual data entry can be a thing of the past when you integrate EDI with your Sage 300cloud ERP. Redirect your employees to focus on helping your business grow instead of processing and tracking down transaction information. Retailers working with SPS have been able to cut hundreds and even thousands of hours a week in manual data entry tasks.

Broad EDI support for your supply chain needs

When you integrate EDI with your Sage 300cloud system, easily achieve compliance with all of your trading partners’ diverse and complex order management models, including drop shipping, ship-to-distribution center, ship-to-store and more. When retail partners and trade partners have map or spec changes, SPS makes the adjustments and ensures ongoing compliance.

Scale to size with efficiency

Our Sage 300cloud integrated EDI solution enables you to quickly link to your trading partners, as well as easily connect with new trading partners for the future growth of your company. A one-time integration with SPS Commerce instantly enables access to thousands of pre-built connections to top retailers, vendors, grocers, distributors, manufacturers, 3PLs and more.

Decrease total EDI costs

Many companies discover that monthly subscription for integrated service with SPS Commerce is lower than the costs of their old EDI solution. One major apparel retailer was able to reduce EDI-related expenses by 75 percent by switching to SPS. Best of all, the SPS service includes ongoing compliance, map changes and 24/7/365 customer support at no extra cost.

Why choose SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is trusted by more than 650 Sage 300cloud users to improve business processes and efficiency. With 75,000 organisations in our network, SPS is probably already working with many of your trading partners, making integration especially easy.

24/7/365 global support, local language.

Industry leader with over 75,000 customers in over 60 countries.


SPS can automate any EDI transaction with any trading partner.

A data center engineered to huge spikes in order and transaction volumes.

Additionally, SPS works with hundreds of different systems, so if you decide to change from Sage 300cloud to another ERP, your EDI can evolve with your applications.

Automate any EDI transaction with any retail partner.

Our consultants are standing by, ready to answer your questions about Sage 300cloud integration and help you down the path to a simplified EDI solution.