Built for Oracle + NetSuite: No more hassle over EDI testing, spec changes or map updates.

A dedicated team of experts will ensure your Fulfillment EDI for NetSuite implementation is fast and easy. And because SPS is a proud member of the “Built for NetSuite” developer program, you can be confident that your solution will meet all of Oracle + NetSuite’s standards for quality, security, and privacy.

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Reduce order processing time and errors


Automate data exchange and ship faster


Eliminate manual data entry


Easy-to-use ASN module

Ongoing compliance, map changes, and 24/7/365 customer support come standard.

Other EDI systems require a unique connection with every retail partner. This error-prone process requires costly maintenance. With just one connection into the SPS retail ecosystem, you can connect with all of your EDI partners.

With pre-built maps and access to the world’s largest retail network, onboarding new retail partners is easy!

Quickly and easily automate your existing Oracle NetSuite applications, and:


Eliminate existing EDI systems & software


Eliminate invoice reconciliations & post audit claims


Reduce IT costs & chargebacks

“The combined capabilities of NetSuite and SPS Commerce enable modern retailers to achieve omnichannel success through the close coupling of these two leading retail solutions.”

CEO of NetSuite

Wondering how SPS Commerce compares to other NetSuite EDI integration providers?

Other Providers


Meet your bare minimum cloud setup requirements, then leave you to fend for yourself


Don’t bother to test or QA your system before handing it over


Don’t help with the customer onboarding process


Still require an absurd amount of data entry to use


Have resource-limited data centers that go down during peak surges


Rely on third-party VANs they can’t control or toubleshoot

SPS Commerce


Takes care of the entire implementation process, including testing, migration & production


Rigorously stress-tests everything so your solution works from day one


Proactively onboards your trading partners so you don’t have to


Completely eliminates the need for dedicated data-entry staff


Boasts the most resilient, fully cloud-based data centers in the industry


Is the only EDI provider that owns its VAN, ensuring maximum reliability

Experience a full-service, universal, reusable connection that delivers greater functionality with less cost and risk than traditional EDI software.

SPS Fulfillment makes it easy to review, process and send order information within one simple platform.

Never worry about EDI compliance again.

Retailers EDI requirements constantly change. Fulfillment EDI for NetSuite lets SPS do all the work managing EDI maps or spec changes while maintaining compliance for you and your trading partners.

Easy to use ASN module.

Our Oracle NetSuite EDI solution completes advance ship notifications (ASN) for required ASN transactions. We also offer an onsite solution that includes scan and pack functionality to speed up the ASN creation process for absolute accuracy.

Process orders faster.

Our customer results prove that an integrated EDI solution saves time and creates massive efficiency in your order fulfillment cycle. Free up your staff to focus more on innovation and growth.

Minimize risk and costly errors.

Free your business from a risky infrastructure that’s expensive to maintain. Reduce order processing time and unnecessary manual entry data errors.

Reliable systems and support.

Do away with having to generate unique EDI maps for every new transaction/customer combination. SPS service includes ongoing compliance, map changes, and 24/7/365 customer support at no extra cost.

75,000+ trading partners at your fingertips.

Easy EDI connectivity with trading partners that range from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Shopify, Costco, SHOP.com and more.

The only full-service, fully automated Oracle NetSuite EDI solution you’ll ever need.


Market-leading, battle-tested, proven technology


A reliable team of technology experts to make it work


Ongoing support to keep it running smoothly

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More than 75,000 companies use and trust the SPS platform. Here are some of the results our customer see after implementing an integrated EDI solution:

“Continue to grow our sales without making any drastic changes”

“Our drop-ship orders are processed more quickly and without the errors of a manual system. We’ve been able to continue to grow our sales without making any drastic changes to our core platform for several years.”

“We’ve dramatically improved our order processing”

“We’ve dramatically improved our order processing efficiencies. Faster turnaround time, less manual work for us and fewer errors for us, which means fewer chargebacks coming to our company.”

“We are now able to ship in a timely manner”

“Chargebacks are now an anomaly in our business. We are now able to ship in a timely manner.”

“Reduced IT costs”

“Elimination of our EDI backlog, reduced IT costs, and increased efficiencies in serving our retail customers. Our retail customers have commented on how doing business with us is even better.”