System Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Gain efficiency and scale with Microsoft Dynamics NAV fulfilment EDI integration.

Integrated Fulfilment EDI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Connect to the world’s largest trading network, and automate your order fulfilment.  SPS Commerce’s adaptor for Microsoft Dynamics NAV lets you leave the complexity of legacy EDI systems behind with our pre-built integration solution. Our cloud-based solution delivers seamless access to the retail industry’s largest network of trading partners, with tools that make collaboration more efficient and cost-effective. One connection to the SPS Commerce network gives you the power to do more business, without the instability and complexity of legacy systems.

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Industry-Leading Functionality,
Seamless Integration

Our fulfilment service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is powered by bcEDI, an industry-leading integrated EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV built on nearly two decades of experience.

This service amplifies your NAV solution, providing access to the latest fulfilment EDI technology and pre-built maps to all of your retail trading partners. With bcEDI, you can integrate important order and invoice information from trading partners, while eliminating costly and time-consuming keystrokes and manual errors. Our world-class retail cloud services are continuously improving to match the speed of your business, giving you the ability to quickly add trading partners using pre-built EDI maps and easily scale for the growth of your business.


“As a company, THE ICONIC is customer- centric, technology driven, and constantly rede ning the future of retail. Building on these strengths, the SPS project was central to our strategic vision.”

Patrick Schmidt


Key Product Features

Our fulfilment EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides:

  • Seamless data interchange for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Established connections to your trading partners using pre-built maps
  • Ability to add EDI trading partners with ease and confidence
  • Enhanced data accuracy through automation
  • A single XML mapping per document type
  • Rapid and reliable deployment
  • XML and Flat File data interchange
  • Data translation for any NAV data table
  • Direct file transportation and FTP
bcEDI Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Supported EDI Documents

Maintain relationships with all your trading partners seamlessly and consistently with the latest EDI technology and document standards for exchanging data. Supported Fulfilment EDI documents include:


Customer integration

  • Purchase Order (850/875)
  • Invoice (810/880)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855)
  • Inventory Enquiry/Advice (846)
  • Ship Notice/Manifest, Advance Ship Notice (ASN, 856)
  • Order Status Report (870)
  • Organisational Relationships (816)

Supplier integration

  • Purchase Order (850/875)
  • Invoice (810/880)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855)
  • Ship Notice/Manifest, Advance Ship Notice (ASN, 856)

Logistics & 3PL integration

  • Warehouse Shipping Order (940)
  • Warehouse Shipping Advice (945)
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice (943)
  • Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (944)
  • Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice (947)

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Our team of system integration experts is on hand to support the implementation and maintenance of your system. Discover how one connection to the SPS network can help you do more business with more trading partners.

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