Common EDI documents and transactions used in the Australian healthcare sector.

EDIFACT and ANSI X12 transactions commonly used in Australian healthcare.

Whether you need to send or receive healthcare EDI documents for logistics, ordering, or finance reasons, you’ll likely encounter the following EDI documents and transactions:

Order (ORDERS) or 850

An almost ubiquitous document in the healthcare, pharmacy, and retail supply chain, which communicated what the healthcare company requires for order. If a company does EDI, they’ll have the ORDERS PO document operational.

Invoice (INVOIC) or 810

Used where a vendor requests payment for products or services rendered; if the ‘ORDERS’ document is the most important one to healthcare providers, the ‘INVOIC’ invoice document is the most important one to its suppliers!

Advanced Ship Notice ASN (EDIFACT DESADV) or 856

An ASN provides tracking and packing information, and is used widely in the Australian healthcare (and retail) sector. This document makes warehouse automation, cross-dock, 3-way match, and more possible.  This is crucial to supply chain automation.

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