EDI solutions for wholesale distributors.

Get paid faster with EDI and automation. Increase accuracy and gain visibility across the supply chain. The right technology can help wholesalers and distributors solve today’s biggest challenges.

We provide ED for wholesalers and distributors alike. For example Symbion, Bidvest, Reece, PFD and Tradelink.

Here’s how SPS Commerce helps wholesalers and distributors compete in the new digital landscape.

Outperform the competition.

The wholesale and distributor field is very competitive. Successful wholesalers must impress customers in order to win. Offering a wider selection of options can be extremely helpful for gaining customer loyalty. Managing the wider selection of options requires enhanced inventory and sales visibility for the most efficient and accurate supply chain management.

Eliminate human error with EDI automation.

Many wholesalers and distributors are a little behind the game when it comes to adopting EDI automation, but even early adopters are still using a manual data entry process for certain transactions. With EDI automation, increase order writing efficiency, processing speed and accuracy while reducing human error, redundancies, lost orders and data discrepancies.

Get advanced data and insights.

The wholesale distribution industry is complex, with a high number of SKUs, customers, suppliers, transactions and more. Deep data can solve pain points in areas such as inventory optimisation, pricing, rebates and more.

Seamless cross-channel experience.

Today’s wholesale customer is not much different than the typical consumer in that they want a seamless online digital wholesale experience, just like they can get at their favorite retailer. SPS Commerce solutions offer an opportunity to modernise the nature of the distributor-customer interaction.

Create new opportunities.

With in-depth data, wholesalers and distributors can identify growth opportunities for products as well as potential partnerships. With less need for manual data entry, workers can concentrate on innovation and customer delight, within your core business objectives. Evaluate the many systems within your organisation such as transportation, item management, inventory and more to optimise efficiency and the customer experience.

Symbion benefits from EDI for distributors and wholesale

“SPS’s vendor enablement program exceeded our expectations. The program resulted in more suppliers becoming EDI-capable than we had forecast and we received support from SPS Commerce throughout the process.”

Since 2012, Symbion has teamed with SPS Commerce. SPS created Symbion’s vendor community, manages the ongoing EDI onboarding process, including the initial calls to vendors, finding the right contact to speak to, and the EDI testing process.  Read the Symbion story >

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