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West Marine EDI Compliance

Make electronic trading with West Marine easy.

Our retail supply chain solutions and EDI experts make complying with your retail customers' electronic trading requirements easy. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on our EDI solutions every day to connect with more than 1,500 retailers, grocers and distributors, including West Marine.

Become EDI compliant and grow your business

We have more than a decade of expertise in delivering on-demand EDI services, barcode label solutions and intelligence offerings, all supported by hundreds of SPS's retail supply chain professionals. We understand your supply chain, your customers' requirements and make connecting with them easy.

Our on-demand EDI services include:

  • WebForms EDI: This economical EDI service is perfect for organizations that want to minimize time and effort required to become EDI compliant with West Marine. Your organization only needs an Internet connection and a SPS provided username and password.
  • Integrated EDI: SPS's Integrated EDI service eliminates data entry by sending EDI data directly into and out of more than 100 accounting, ERP, WMS and packing and shipping applications. With the integrated EDI option, you can directly integrate your back-end systems to West Marine's EDI solution, thereby eliminating manual processes and errors.
  • EDI Testing: This option allows you to validate your existing EDI solution with West Marine's EDI guidelines. Pricing starts at a $500 one-time fee.
  • Barcode Label Services: West Marine's requirements for EDI 001 UCC-128 labels, branded packing slips, gift messaging, returns and more are easily satisfied with SPS's EDI Label Service.
  • Trading Partner Intelligence: This analytics service turns complex EDI 852 and other POS data into actionable intelligence, enabling every stakeholder in the supply chain to make more informed business decisions.
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