Woolworths Limited

“Woolworths needs companies such as SPS to sit in the middle and integrate its company and its supplier community.” 

Jason Steiner

Senior Project Manager, e-Business, Woolworths Limited, Australia

Woolworths-case-study-partnersAustralia’s largest food retailer, Woolworths Supermarkets, knows that an efficient supply chain operation is central to being able to deliver fresh food on a daily basis to millions of customers across Australia.

To ensure the efficient operation of their supply chain, Woolworths deployed its own B2B integration platform to provide real time integration with its suppliers’ systems. The platform leverages the AS2 protocol for B2B communications, which is a specification for automated order fulfillment between businesses using the Internet.

SPS Commerce was chosen by Woolworths as one of four current strategic partners for the provision of B2B integration with its supplier community.

Woolworths senior business manager of e-business, Peter Roebers, says “the retailer chose SPS after an extensive evaluation and certification process. We decided on SPS because it has a proven track record in assisting suppliers to adopt e-business. SPS also provides a strong technical capability with fulfillment standards.”

SPS has been supporting Woolworths’ suppliers in the adoption of e-business standards and technology for more than a decade. Today SPS provides e-business fulfillment services to more than 100 Woolworths’ suppliers requiring the management of more than 100,000 business documents per month.

“Clients like Bartter Steggles must have a reliable and high speed transmission of orders to ensure that over 500 direct to store deliveries are made every day,” says Angela Hariohoedojo, general manager – Australia at SPS Commerce.

The implementation of the e-business partnership with Woolworths ensures that this is possible. Woolworths has identified that to get the most out of its B2B platform, they need to partner with companies like SPS, who are specialists in the enablement of supplier communities.

Woolworths Senior Project Manager for eBusiness Jason Steiner says “technology enablers such as SPS are crucial for the success of the Australian B2B e-commerce sector in the future. More companies are adopting new technologies to participate in this space, and it is difficult for organisations such as Woolworths to deal with the technology requirements of various vendors.”

“Our approach is to work with our clients to meet their requirements for streamlined fulfillment in an omnichannel era,” Hariohoedojo said. “Different companies have different technology needs and it is our role to ensure that these different technologies integrate seamlessly.”

“Woolworths needs companies such as SPS to sit in the middle and integrate Woolworths and its supplier community,” concluded Steiner.

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